I'm having a problem paying with my credit card

Our payment processor Stripe accepts both bank debit (checking) and credit cards for subscription payments.

Please ensure you enter the correct card details and that your billing address is the same address your card is registered to, otherwise it's likely to be rejected if the zip / postal codes don't match.

Are you in the US?

If you're located in the US, we recommend using an international credit card such as Visa or Mastercard as some US banks do not allow international payments on standard bank cards without authorisation first.

If you receive a message that your payment has failed, please check that you have sufficient funds. Then you can either call your bank and get authorisation for an international payment so that you can try again, or you can use an international card if you have one.

If your payment fails and your subscription is put on hold, you will need to contact our support team at via info@naturestudio.com for us to delete this failed payment in the website so that you can try again to join after receiving authorisation from your card provider.

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